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Brijesh Sirohi*, Hritik Arya, Jitendra Jaiswal, Yugantar Sen, Rajkumar Sen, Mayank


Bombax ceiba Linn. (Malvaceae), commonly known as the cotton tree or red silk cotton tree, is a spectacular flowering tree with a height of up to 40 meters that is found in tropical and sub-tropical Asia as well as northern Australia. It has been chosen as the “city flower” of the cities of Kaohsiung and Guangzhou for its large, showy flowers with thick, waxy, red petals that densely clothe leafless branch tips in late winter and early spring. B. ceiba is a source of food, fodder, fiber, fuel, medicine, and many other valuable goods for natives of many Asian countries. For example, its fruits are good sources of silk-cotton for making mattresses, cushions, pillows. Bombax ceiba is a famous plant used extensively in traditional medicine for various diseases. However, data pertaining to its effects at CNS level is limited. To analyze the potential study of Hydroalcohalic extract Bombax ceiba flower was screened for locomotor, Rota-rod, Anticonvulsant, anti-anxiety activity of Hydroalcohalic extract (200 mg/kg and 400 mg/kg p.o.) was determined. The present study deals with various pharmacognostical examinations like organoleptic or macroscopical characters, microscopical or anatomical studies. Further studies are required to analyze the implicated phytochemicals and the mechanism at the cellular level.

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